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WEB-Q (Waterloo Eating Behaviour Questionnaire): The 24-hour Dietary Recall Food Behaviour Questionnaire

WEB-Q is Propel's 24-hour Dietary Recall Food Behaviour Questionnaire.  PeaceWorks operates it on behalf of Rhona Hanning of the University of Waterloo (UW) Propel Centre for Population Health Impact.  It was previously associated with the University of Waterloo PHR (Population Health Research) lab.  WEB-Q has been used in a variety of published research papers on childhood, First Nations and athlete food-related issues.

The tool is designed to aid in research involving food.  The heart of the survey is a 24-hour dietary recall where survey participants detail the food they have consumed during the previous day for all the requested meals and snacks.  Uniquely, the tool uses pictures of the food and serving sizes, making it particularly suited to children and ESL usage.

Choosing Foods

Choosing Portion Sizes

Survey Functionality

WEB-Q has most components of typical survey tools which can be customized.  The look can also be customized for each survey.  New foods can be added and alternate names specified.  Surveys can be run multiple times at different dates and operate only during specified time periods.

Summaries and Recommendations

WEB-Q can give the user a summary of their food consumption, and additionally compare it to Canada Food Guide Recommendations.  For the researcher, it summarizes food group and nutrients consumed by each participant.  Participants can be automatically grouped by design.

If you would like to see it for yourself, you may look at a sample survey.  Use the userid and password Peel_PPM_150_Demo.

If you are interested in exploring the use of the survey tool for your own use, please contact PeaceWorks or Rhona Hanning .  Professor Hanning must approve the use of this tool for each research project before PeaceWorks will be able to set up your own surveys.  She does charge a fee for this use.

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