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Planned Mail Server Upgrade

Notification: Planned Mail Server Upgrade

In an effort to continuously better serve our clients, PeaceWorks Technology Solutions will be undergoing a major mail server upgrade this coming September.

Why are We Performing this Upgrade?

Moving to newer infrastructure allows us greater flexibility to work with each clients' unique mail requirements and will increase our ability to support and customize your needs.  Features include improved spam filtration, enhanced webmail services, upgraded calendar features, and superior reliability. 

Mail Preview            Calendar Preview

How will this Impact Your Services?

We do not anticipate any major interruptions to your services. There will be an after-hours maintenance period for the upgrade during which services will not be available.  There will be no loss of email messages.  However, messages sent to you during the upgrade may be delayed.

When Will this Maintenance Period Occur?

Please be advised that the mail server will be unavailable from September 10, 2018 at 11:00 PM ET to September 11, 2018 at 5:30 AM ET.

Check here for status updates.

Email Availability

This is relevant if you store your email/folders on the server (IMAP).

Due to the large amount of email to process, we are processing it in two phases:

  • By Tuesday Sept 11, 5:30 AM ET, all email and folders from the last 60 days will be available
  • By Wednesday Sept 12, 7:00 AM ET, all remaining email and folders will be available.

Do I Need to Change Any Settings?

The new server will only accept secure connections using TLS/SSL for encryption.  This follows industry standards and security best practices.  We will be in touch directly with any users that will need to update their settings. Find Out More →.

How will I access webmail?  How will I manage accounts for my domain?

The web addresses for Webmail and Managing Email Accounts will be changing.  Visit Hosting Support on our website.  We have added buttons there for accessing webmail and for managing email accounts.  Log in with the same credentials as you always have - email address and password. 

Do You Know Your Email Password?

In advance of the migration date, we recommend that you make sure you know your email password.  Please try logging into webmail to ensure you are able to login.  If you experience any issues, please call into the helpdesk for assistance in resetting prior to the migration. This will allow you to access your account using webmail in the event that you have any trouble sending/receiving.


Please continue to check this page for any further details prior to the upgrade.  All userids and passwords will remain the same.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this upgrade, we will be updating this site regularly or you may contact our Help Desk at 1.855.263.3848.




Sean Ali

Remote Services Manager,
PeaceWorks Technology Solutions




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