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Online Backup

Online Backup Solution

PeaceWorks Online Backup is a feature-rich backup solution for small and medium sized organizations. With PeaceWorks Online Backup, you can backup data from your organization's servers, desktops and laptops to an off-site server hosted and managed by PeaceWorks.  PeaceWorks Online Backup runs automatically at regular intervals so that you know your data is always safe. You can control how many backup revisions to keep, and when restoring you can choose which date to restore files from.  Advanced techniques ensure that your data is transferred efficiently and stored securely.

Our online backup solutions are:


  • Backups can run on a set schedule as well as be triggered on demand
  • Reports are emailed to you showing the status of your backups
  • Additional support is available from PeaceWorks
  • Optional Local Speed Vault makes a local copy of backup for quick restore


  • Full data encryption ensures that only you can access your data
  • Data remains in Canada on servers owned by PeaceWorks

Keeps File History

  • Our default data retention policy is to retain changes to files for 30 days and to always retain up to two versions of files regardless of when the last change occurred.
  • Within the retention period you can restore a file from any date/version
  • Deleted files can be recovered within the 30 day window but are completely removed after 30 days
  • While the retention policy can be customized to specific client needs, additional data storage charges may be incurred and will be assessed on a case by case basis


  • The initial full backup can be "seeded" using removable media. This avoids waiting days or weeks for your initial backup to complete.
  • Subsequent incremental backups are small, since only the data which has changed is transferred over the internet

Restore Easily

  • Multiple restore options are available
  • Individual files or directories can be restored
  • PeaceWorks can provide restored data on removable media (faster than downloading if the backup is large)
  • Optional server system state backup can be restored to a virtual server allowing potential for getting a failed server back online within minutes.


  • Any number of servers and desktops can be backed up
  • Back up MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, Active Directory, System State, Hyper-V, VMWare
  • Cross-platform solution supports Windows, Mac, and Linux


Plans are based on the amount of data being backed up from the client’s machine(s).

 Storage Plan 15 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB 500 GB
 Annual Fee $162 $500 $950 $1,350 $1,700 $2,000 $2,250

Cost for incremental 10GB block          $120/year
Clients with more than 500GB will be charged $4/GB per year

You can choose to have your backup data mirrored at your site for faster restoring under normal data loss scenarios. You provide the storage hardware and no additional annual fees apply. (There would be some labour for initial set up of this feature).

If you choose to retain files longer than our standard retention policy, additional storage charges may be assessed. Such charges would be determined on a case by case basis in discussions with you.

Depending on backup frequency and amount of data changes, it is recommended that periodic reseeds be performed in order to make full restores more manageable. The need for a reseed would be assessed in consultation with a PeaceWorks technician.

Reseed flat rate charge                                          $150

*Not-for-Profit Pricing is available to organizations registered with Canada Revenue Agency.

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