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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Email Marketing Automation

Are you using an email markeing automation program and know that you could do so much more with it?  Do you see the possibilities that are listed with your platform and wish you knew how to use them? Are you able to do almost everything you need and require just a bit of expert help to get you all the way there?

Look no further!

MailChimp Integration Experts

We can customize or build software that brings your MailChimp set up to the next level.  Our experienced consultants can:

  • Migrate subscriber data from an existing system (e.g. Constant Contact), including custom fields
  • Merge separate MailChimp lists into a single master list (MailChimp's recommended best practice), using interests and segmentation.
  • Combine, merge or map custom fields (e.g. convert postal code field to region dropdown)
  • Implement high-quality user signup forms with dynamic fields, with much more control than with mailchimp's built-in forms.  See an example here.
  • Integrate with your donor management system to automatically subscribe new donors
  • Support CASL compliance by automatically removing inactive donors after two years
  • Provide hands-on training to staff

Other Email Automation Marketing Tools

We know that each client's needs are unique.  We have experience with other email marketing solutions, including CiviMail and Constant Contact, and can fully support these solutions as well.

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