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Hosting Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Hosting


PeaceWorks Technology Solutions (PeaceWorks)


The hosting client (Client)

PeaceWorks provides web, domain and email hosting services to Clients based on the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service"):

  1. The Client is responsible for obtaining and maintaining any software (email program, web browser, etc.) required to make use of PeaceWorks hosting services.
  2. PeaceWorks will offer basic support for configuring email programs and web publishing software within reason.
  3. PeaceWorks provides no warranties for any internet or email or other software the Client runs on their computer.
  4. PeaceWorks assumes no responsibility for any damages that may result from the use of hosting services or the software used to access it.
  5. Webhosting accounts include SSH (secure shell) access as well as the capacity to install third-party scripting solutions (PHP or other applications). The Client is responsible for ensuring that the use of their account does not in any way result in damage or disruption to PeaceWorks hosting service or to our other clients.
  6. If the Client suspects that someone may be using their
    account without permission, the Client is required to notify PeaceWorks immediately. If PeaceWorks is not immediately notified, the Client is responsible for any damages caused by such unauthorized use.
  7. PeaceWorks reserves the right to temporarily disable portions of the Client's hosted website as required to prevent exploitation of known security vulnerabilities in any software the Client's website may use. PeaceWorks would notify the Client in this case.
  8. Sending unsolicited commercial email (Spam) is prohibited.
  9. Renewal invoices are sent out when services are initiated, and then annually at the beginning of each calendar year thereafter. Services for partial calendar years are pro-rated accordingly.
  10. Accounts are payable in advance, and the Client agrees to pay all regular fees and overages when they are due. If the Client's account is at any time overdue, services may be disabled until such time as all outstanding invoices have been paid.
  11. Violation of the Terms of Service will result in termination of the Client's account. If an account has been terminated because of violation of these terms, no refund will be issued.
  12. If the Client requests that PeaceWorks cancel their account, a refund will be issued by cheque and may take up to 8 weeks. The Client will be refunded the unused portion of their subscription (only for each full month unused) less any overages due.
  13. Use of the account and hosting services is limited to use by the Client and the Client's employees, and may not be resold, redirected, shared or provided to any third party except by express written agreement between PeaceWorks and the Client.
  14. PeaceWorks will not be held liable for and will be indemnified from all damages resulting from the use of PeaceWorks hosting services. The Client agrees that PeaceWorks shall not be liable to the Client and the Client shall indemnify and save harmless PeaceWorks from and against damages and/or claims arising from:
    1. any change or interruption to an electrical power supply;
    2. unauthorized access to any computer or network system by any person obtaining a password by a non-electronic means;
    3. loss, damage, destruction, distortion, erasure, corruption, alteration, diminishment in value or loss of use or usefulness of electronic data or electronic media;
    4. the actual, alleged or anticipated failure or inability of any computer or electronic device or component or system or embedded programming or software:
      1. to correctly assign any date to the correct day, week, month, year or century;
      2. to correctly recognize or compute any date;
    5. the use of any arbitrary, ambiguous or incompletely defined date in any data, software, or embedded programming;
    6. any measures taken with the intention of averting or minimizing any of the above; and
    7. website hosting services
  15. Use of PeaceWorks hosting services or accounts for illegal or offensive activities including (but not restricted to) damaging or disabling computers and/or computer networks, issuing threats, harassment, fraud, pornography, forgery, impersonation, harm to minors, or provision of illegal material is strictly prohibited and will result in  immediate termination of the account.
  16. PeaceWorks reserves the right to limit or terminate services provided to the Client in the event that Client activity or inactivity impacts the availability of services to other PeaceWorks clients.
  17. By using PeaceWorks hosting services, the Client agrees to be bound by all of the items of this document.

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