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CRM Solutions


What is a CRM?

A CRM Solution is a tool designed to manage all the data and information you have for each relationship in your organization through one centralized and accessible view. 

C = Customer or Constituent
R = Relationship
M = Management

We have CRM solutions that can meet the needs of our not-for-profit and for-profit clients.  Whether you need to convert leads to sales or you need to nurture a one time donation into an annual giving plan, we provide the technology that empowers you to do it better.

What can a CRM do for You?

Creating a CRM solution is a process that takes time to implement and is always evolving to meet your needs.  We believe in the importance of identifying your key stakeholders, understanding your business workflows, and then selecting the best tool for your needs. Implementing a proper CRM solution allows you to:

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  • Understand your customer or constituent development cycle
  • Take control of your data
  • Streamline key workflows
  • Increase operational effectiveness
  • Integrate data platforms (such as website, accounting systems, email, newsletter platforms, etc...)
  • Support communication and collaboration between stakeholders
  • Break down information silos
  • Improve reporting and program evaluation
  • Easily access metrics and outcomes

CRM for Not-for-Profits

We have implemented CRM solutions for dozens of NFP clients.  We feel qualified to understand common practices and issues in the NFP sector and are confident that we set up systems that effectively address:

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  • Fundraising models
  • Donor behaviours
  • Constituent engagement
  • Client/case management
  • Data collection and intelligence
  • Much more


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