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Risk Management and Website Maintenance

We are involved in a great number of website projects and also provide support to clients for websites they have previously built. As part of this work, one of the things we are careful to do is to make our clients aware of ongoing or future costs they should budget for. For example, any website requires some sort of hosting cost for the physical hardware that contains the website.

A critical ongoing cost that we always discuss is maintenance. This involves installing the updates that are released for the underlying software the website is built on, such as WordPress or Drupal. Quite often these updates include security improvements. In a typical website, these can be released monthly or even weekly. Whether PeaceWorks provides this service to you, or someone else does, maintenance is an important part of your website's operation.

Is maintenance required, strictly speaking, for your website to operate? No. And there is a risk involved; if you run software updates there's a chance it may change the way a piece of your website works, or can even break it, especially if you've had custom programming work done.

However, there is generally a much greater risk for NOT applying these updates. The main example of that is security. But you're also forgoing possible feature improvements that you could be taking advantage of. And, beyond this, you are creating a backlog of updates such that if you do have a need in the future to install them, it could be a much larger amount of work due to the volume involved.

The reality is, if you don't apply security updates, you might still be fine. But this is a significant risk to take. The costs of recovery after a site has been hacked can add up very quickly, especially if you look at the financial cost of a technical person's time, the cost of staff time dealing with the issues, and the loss of trust with your audience when they see these issues publicly.

Don't believe us? Here's an example from just a few days ago, right in Waterloo Region: See this article regarding City of Cambridge.

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