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Website Maintenance

For most people, this topic is a lot like cleaning leaves out of the gutter, wiping down the inside of kitchen cupboards, and checking your windshield wiper fluid and tire pressures.

Though the car references are pretty good analogies for today's topic (and reminds me to check my car).

My temptation today is to get on my soapbox, pull out a bible, and have a good ol'fashioned maintenance revival meeting.  Although I don't think there has ever been one.  There should be.

The Weakest Link: Password Security

OK folks.  Let's admit that the biggest security hole in the typical computer system is you.  That's because most people have easy to guess passwords, and use the same one across multiple accounts.  Combine this with the fact that it is fairly easy to track where people go, and hackers that get into one of your accounts can often figure out where the others are, and get into those too.  Some of the most common passwords around are 'password', 'abc123' and whatever the default for the account was.  (In fact, 1.1% of all passwords are either '12345' or '123456'.)

Becoming a Certified B Corporation

As you may know, PeaceWorks is the first B Corporation in the K-W region (for what it matters, it is also one of the first B Corps in Canada…).  Because of this, we have been featured in a number of newspapers in the area and Nolan Andres, CEO of PeaceWorks, has been invited to speak at a number of events.

Information Security on a Budget

Information Technology Security has become a major headache (or heartache) for Not-for-Profit (NFP) and charitable organizations.  Advances in computing power and technology and the profusion of mobile devices and associated applications have brought the desktop computer out from under the desk and into the pockets and purses of millions of users worldwide.  Protecting those computing platforms and the organizational information they may contain has become a stumbling block to true progress and efficient workflow.

Green-powered Hosting

Many organizations are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, with an eye towards increasing their sustainability.

Data centres and servers have been highlighted as areas where substantial energy is consumed, and is set to rise in coming years if internet growth continues at current rates.  The majority of this energy does not come from renewable sources, and so it contributes to problems such as global climate change.

At PeaceWorks, we know how to set up your organization with technology that drives your mission. Together, we define a technology vision for your organization and recommend the best ways to support that vision.

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We provide effective and affordable migrations, installations and upgrades that better manage your infrastructure. We focus on solutions that meet your needs, not solutions that are unnecessary or outside of your budget.

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We will design and create a new or enhanced on-line presence. We work with you through the entire process to ensure you get exactly what you need for the present, as well as the future. We build our websites with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and accessibility practices, customizing as required.

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We collaborate with you to create solutions that turn ideas and data into information that you can use, analyze and distribute.  We build the technology solutions that equip you to better engage and manage your staff, your clients, your volunteers, and your donors.  We simplify data collection, intelligence and management.

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PeaceWorks provides the management and sale of hardware and software solutions. We always discuss your needs and provide you with the most preferable options.

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